Resilient Living — The only way to live!

Rajeev Mudumba
3 min readJun 9, 2020

How many times have you been greeted by that persistent weed growing through the cracks of your driveway, the walkway or the steps outside, leading to your home?

And haven’t you wondered each time as to where do they come from while leaning down to pluck them out one more time, or to spray some weedicide?

Well, that’s resilience for you!

Life is a maze of ups and downs be it in your business, profession or personal life. For one, it would be pretty bland if it weren’t so, and you had to keep up with the same mundane routine each day. I am sure you are okay with the ups but its the downs that test us, our mettle and our zest for life and our willingness to take it head on!

When a business you run collapses or the job you hold, no longer needs you; the general sense is that of despair and disillusionment. However, this is the time to find your balance, calm and poise and be in control of yourself and the situation, if you expect to come out of it and bounce back.

You may not know it, see it or understand it in the situation, but when faced with failure, you may either tweak your approach and go at it or choose an alternate path. If someone says, go at it until you succeed, there’s no way you will succeed until you change your approach or make updates based on lessons learned from your failures. You see, just going at a wall with your head will not break the wall. But, your head will surely get hurt!

Many times, one of the lessons you learn through these situations is that your passion, purpose and ensuing success are somewhere else. And, the wisest choice is to make a change in your path toward where you find fulfillment. When you have exited a business or career and chosen an alternate path, one that attracts you and fulfills you, you have shown resilience by adapting; adapting to what works for you, paves the way for your success and moves you toward it in the face of adversity. You may not know it in the instant, but retrospectively you will recognize this. Think back about life changing incidents in your own past. Makes sense?

Balance in life is everything and you need to strive towards it. The rest is supposed to support it, be it professional or personal ambitions and not the other way round where…

Rajeev Mudumba

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