In Search Of Your Spirituality!

And, your connection to the source…

Rajeev Mudumba


No matter your faith, it’s a universal truth that we come from dust and return to it.

And, in the interval that’s called life, we transact in various ways to conduct ourselves.

In these modern times, as we pursue simplicity through the use of technology, life tends to get that much more complex with the changes, and morphing demands it places on, not just one but all of us, collectively.

  • We have no choice but to be tethered to our digital gadgets and spend a part of our lives virtually.
  • With the explosion of population, we are competing fiercely for resources to enable comfortable lives.
  • Working hard and long are no longer choices but yet, you tend to look for flexibility and balance within.
  • Health is a top-of-mind concern with the stress of daily living and what was once second nature to maintain quality of life is now, perhaps a luxury choice.
  • And, then there are various relationships to maintain and balance too.

This plethora of activities vying for your attention can leave you exhausted, tired, confused, and in many cases disconnected from your spiritual core.

If only there was a way to log into it!

Life is a balance of conformity yet, it’s a transformation we need to be constantly pursuing. And, such transformation is only possible when we find harmony with our spiritual core.

How can this be achieved?

It’s simpler than you think!

  1. Find some “Me” time — Make it a point to find time for some meditation and introspection. Make this a practice that you never give up on. Find your own spot and allow for a few distraction-free minutes each day to think and look within. You may just sit still or pray, that’s totally up to you. The point is to slow down your mind’s horses, leave your daily stress and strains aside for a bit, and find a few precious minutes where you can spend, talking to your inner self. By due practice, you will find that you can get into this zone wherever and whenever you seek.
  2. Practice Discipline — Start your day right with a prayer on your…



Rajeev Mudumba

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