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  • Julia Freeman, an anonymous survivor

    Julia Freeman, an anonymous survivor

    I write from my experience of being raised by a narcissist and being married to an abusive narc for over 20 years. I use my experience to help others live free.

  • Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

    Muhammad Nasrullah Khan

    His short stories are well-recognized internationally for his unique prose style. nasar_peace@hotmail.com



    I’m a technology theorist driving innovation at humanity’s tipping point.

  • Steve Case

    Steve Case

    Co-founder of AOL; now Chairman & CEO of Revolution and Chairman of Case Foundation; Author of “The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future”

  • George Doherty

    George Doherty

  • Olivia Olsen

    Olivia Olsen

    Data visualisation design|cultural heritage research software engineer.PhD Design Engineering

  • Ed Sharrow

    Ed Sharrow

    Author, philosopher, Christian meditation instructor. Secular thoughts on edsharrow.substack.com weekdays.

  • Doctor Richard D, OD, MS

    Doctor Richard D, OD, MS

    Optometrist; Pediatric Resident in the Big Apple; Music Researcher; Creative; Fueled on coffee and all things firewater. Views are my own.

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