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Sept 4th, 2001:

As a newly minted US MBA, I sought my fortune in the NJ/ NY area. After months of trial, I got my first call from a reputed financial services firm. The person on the other end invited me for an interview at their offices in NY, located somewhere opposite the World Trade Center. He offered to call me back within a week to confirm the date and time.

Sept 6th, 2001:

I received another interview call from a well known consulting firm in the South Tower which was scheduled on Sept 11th, 2001 at 08:30 AM ET…

Let your audience gasp in wonderment…

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The one common theme that transcends geography and language, is stories.

We all love to hear a good story and telling it is a skill you cannot take lightly.

Your ability to tell a story can define your trajectory in life. The more people you can keep engrossed and engaged, the better your probability and height of success.

With storytelling, comes the art of persuasion, the talent to gain support and inspire others to follow you or your endeavors.

Telling a good story is essential to any compelling argument you make. You will not be heard unless you can relate…

What to do?

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There’s an old saying that goes, “Man proposes and God disposes!”

And, then there is also another saying that concludes that irrespective of what happens, it only happens for the good.

We all plan to steer our lives a certain way. However, it may or may not stick to this plan as life has a mind of its own.

And, I bet there is not a single person on planet Earth who can say that their life went just per their plan!

You may want to start a business and see it successful, may want to land that dream job…

the only way to get things done…

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How many times have you felt you have so much to do and don’t know where to begin?

And, you ponder on this for the next several minutes to hours not starting anywhere but just feeling rushed in your head, and yet, several hours later, you have hardly made a dent!

Our brains are neither trained for multi-tasking nor do their optimal best when under duress. Try doing several things at the same time. Let alone doing, just process them in your head and you are bound to have decreased productivity, mediocre creativity, and push things barely done aside, just…

which one is it…..

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To achieve anything worthwhile, sacrifices are a must.

Who would know this better than the ones safeguarding our freedom? Yet, I am not so sure that everyone who enjoys this freedom understands this at all.

Those that guard our borders are indeed brave. And, also are the ones who are ready to jump head in, start a business and contribute to our communities.

While bravery is often commended, bravado is different.

When you show bravado, you are being purposefully ignorant of the signs of danger because you feel that nothing can hurt you. …

Yes, its key…

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Any business, personal or professional tends to stay on course so long as you manage expectations!

In recent times, we have seen how quickly it can be derailed when you don’t.

The pandemic crisis and now, the Afghan crisis are two examples we can learn from.

Every business, every situation goes through its share of ups and downs. The only way to continue to navigate it smoothly is through expectation management of the multiple stakeholders involved.

Not many do it when actually focused on navigating through the turbulence but, the more it’s done, it can help avoid the questions and…

and, retain them for life…

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There was a time when the aura one carried around themselves influenced another to be in awe and follow them.

Those times are gone.

Today, it is about how authentic and transparent you are.

People tend to follow those who they can relate to and get inspired by.

Any brand, personal or corporate has to follow this mantra of showing up as a friend, philosopher, and guide than something that’s up in the sky and can hardly be reached!

Relate is the keyword here.

No matter the product or service, it is only good enough to sit on a shelf…

not a destination…

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Curiosity is the key to learning, innovation, and creativity.

Although much of what we know and apply may seem rooted in logic, the path to its discovery is not always straightforward.

There may be faith, belief and determination that need to be adhered to, to get there and in that path itself, lies creativity.

The culmination of creativity may be that moment of triumph when you realize the potential of what you’ve discovered, however, getting there is a process in itself.

And when you have made a creative discovery, it is the beginning of the process of its evolution.


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are terms often used synonymously.

In basic terms, it’s the intelligence that’s built in machines i.e. computers, and when machines self-observe, self-learn, and evolve, they are more advanced than anything else we know of and can perform tasks on their own while they continue to evolve.

Its humans whose brainchild is the computer and also, the languages it understands and the actions it executes.

However, there is always a fear, we humans have lived in that once these computers self learn and evolve, they are no longer in our control and may one…

and, what I do not miss…

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Let’s reflect on the time before Feb 2020……

What was life like back then?

One, we hadn’t seen anyone with a mask for months, if not years and now, they are everywhere. I am told China always had them for years but that’s for a different discussion.

Fridays meant happy hours at a nearby bar or restaurant with co-workers and/ or friends, weekends meant watching a movie at a theater, eating out, visiting friends or perhaps a park, and spending time in the backyard until the wee hours, catching up with friends and family.

While we were in the throes…

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